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Anatomy class II
exercise in zbrush rendered in maya with mental ray

Marko Kacanski short movie BEING DUST




Main role- Vladimir Oreskovic

Camer – Pedja Radosavljevic

Other roles
Boris Osetrov
Miroslav Mica Jokic

Music Ognjen Jovanovic

And others… see on the end of part 3.

Short film about phantasmagorical life after death.

After life there is underworld full of creatures and plants. ,,All human effort isn-t worth more than one mutual , even unpredictable kiss between a plant and the sun’’. Film based on the story ,,Being Dust’’ by Santiago Dabove.

Young man tortured with a serious mental disease, who runs away from a psychiatric hospital, has accident on the field where he wishes to bury himself and become a plant.
While he is lying buried under the ground, he remembers phantasmagorical scenes from his recent past and present.

In the fantastic world that surrounds him in the ground where he lies buried main character wishes to become a plant because plants have discovered the meaning of static and egoistic life.