lecipe 2

Doodling with cintiq new concept for the ,,falling girl” based on the clas by Bob Kato .

skupina gnomon1 copy



Healthy youth

Healthy youth

done in workshop at Krsko(Slovenia) 2004

Post nuclear love story inspired by nato bombarding Serbia.
Let nobody never forget what day’ re doing in the name of the peace.

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camera, directing and editing
MC-Marko Kacanski

music and editing :
Petar Tuskan
Vukasin Stanojevic
fanatic: Ruggero de Virgiliis
girl: Sharon Kante
driver Max
Slobodan Milosevic

Humps in the garden trailer

In the small house on the hill, after each death of a close friend in the garden appears a strange hump. Every day there is more humps. Surprised in front of the gigantic hump which show up that morning in the garden I’m looking at that strange world and thinking of such an interesting end…

Based on the same name story by Dino Buzati

camera Daniel Toader

Milan Kacanski

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